Monthly Archives: April 2013

What this blog is and isn’t

There are certain things that I cannot change. Having Type 2 diabetes is one of them. Like many other diabetics, diabetes does not define me. But I can’t ignore it either. Well, I suppose I can, but I am not ready for the consequences so I don’t.

Diabetes exerts a major influence in my life. If I claim otherwise, I’d either be a hypocrite or a fool. Diabetes influences what I eat and drink. It affects how I exercise, and gets my bum off the bed when I’d rather snooze. It reminds me to keep my anger and stress in check (in case you don’t know, stress raises one’s blood sugar level). I simply don’t gain anything by ignoring its huge influence in my life.

That, however, is not to say that it dictates everything I do. It does not affect who or what I am as a person. Diabetes will not make me unkind, inconsiderate or cruel to others; only I can decide to act that way. It will not dictate my definition of life or the lifestyle that suits me best. Type 2 D is not my master, and I am not its slave – not for a moment. I control my D; it does not control me. It’s not easy and it’s a constant struggle. But I intend to win this contest.

In this blog, my aim is to share my personal experiences as a diabetic and as a sentient, feeling being. If you want someone to summarize or comment on research studies, that someone is not me. If you want dietary advice, please find a dietitian. If you are looking for medical advice, please see a doctor. Need exercise advice? Please look somewhere else.

What I offer are my struggles, experiences, and thoughts, which may not all be related to diabetes. I hope that’s all right with you.