Diabetes Haibun

Disclaimer: If anyone reading this is a haibun expert, please do not condemn my poor attempt. I’m learning, maybe badly, but one day I’ll get there. (If you want to know what a haibun is, click this link. For samples of haibun, click this one.) 

One sunny Sunday morning, as the day progressed towards noon, I went out for a long run. Although I was at that time training for a marathon, that run was not in my training schedule. I was into my second week of intensive self-testing, and that morning my BG was running high. I learned first hand how tremendous stress and lack of sleep (blame my neighbor) can raise my BG to high heavens.

          light head, dark mood brewed

          sugars floated in my veins

         the run comforted

I must have run too much because the next thing I remember was weaving across the running path. I saw spots, my skin was damp and cold, and my vision started to dim. I whipped up my OneTouch Ultra Mini. Whoa! It read 50.

          BG dipped too low

          went running without sugar

          cut banana helped

My BG settled to a comfortable level. I monitored how I felt as I ran back. I did not prick my finger again but unscientifically relied on my “feeling” and “sense”. I was lucky to have no more episodes during the run. I tested again when I got home.

          My BG behaved

          Hubby fried eggs and bacon

          Perfect end it was

It’s been a few years since that day. A lot of things have happened to me. But I’m still here, and so is my D.

          Snow melts, flowers bloom

          Leaves fall, nature’s cycle dooms

          While D marches on


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