Three D blogs I enjoyed

My brain is still trying to play catch up with the reading I’ve been doing this week and will have to do in the coming weeks, as I pour over the hundreds of diabetes blog posts put up this week. It’s not only my first time to join the Diabetes Blog Week, but it’s the first time I even heard of it and read the many entries. I’ve already met some lovely people this week. I tried to read as much as I can and visit as many participating blogs as my time allowed me. But I was not successful.

So today’s blog topic of choosing three entries or three blogs to share is a tough job. Where do I even begin? Even if I had the time and energy to go through every post and visit every blog, choosing any three would be next to impossible. Now I know how judges in movie festivals, talent shows and most other competitions feel. How do you choose from a large pool of worthy entries?

With the foregoing limitations in mind, I am happy to mention three representative blogs that I enjoyed a lot this week.

Rockin’ Ink Star. I am not a mother and I’ve consciously decided a long time ago not to be one. But I admire men and women who choose the path of parenthood and I especially admire parents with children who have additional challenges in life, whatever form that challenge may take. I have been reading a lot of blogs by parents of children with type 1 diabetes, and this blog is one among several excellent ones. Not only do I get an insight into what a Type 1 diabetic child goes through, but what his or her parents also experience. Michelle’s thoughts as a new blogger on diabetes also resonated with me since I am new at blogging about my own diabetes. I also admit that I am thoroughly envious of her artistry and writing.

Six Until Me. The first post of Kerri that I read was her “pledge to run like a velociraptor is chasing” her. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve since read a few more posts and I want to read more. Her posts are funny, positive, insightful, and very open. I am really looking forward to reading 8 years of her archive.

The 9 Inch Plate. I’ve come across blogs by people who have diabetes or their parents, but Carol’s is the first blog by a spouse of a diabetic that I’ve come across. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this because I’m hoping that I’ll get some insight into what my husband goes through. My husband and I are fairly open to each other, but I’m sure he doesn’t let me know all the things that frustrate or upset him about my diabetes. I’m not the only one living with diabetes; he (being married to me) has to live with the great D too. I am thoroughly enjoying Carol’s blog, not to mention the featured recipes.

I, with my feet up on the table and with a glass of wine or brandy in my hand, will be spending a lot of nights in the coming weeks in front of the computer reading the various wonderful blogs I’ve been introduced to this week.

Thanks to Karen for this wonderful blogfest, and to everyone who participated. It’s so good to know you.


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