My first sort of run

I wasn’t planning on posting two entries within a few hours of each other, but I had my first walk-run (that is, more walk than run) since I injured my leg last March, and I can’t help but share how wonderful I felt. I have been patiently walking these past few weeks, itching to run while I built up my leg muscles which literally shrunk while my leg was in a cast. My PT said that I’m perfectly ready to run, as long as I remember to stop if I feel pain. So, today, I did just that.

MInd you, I ran gingerly and slowly, and I was a bit wobbly. But I felt no pain at all so I was very much tempted to run faster and longer, but the phrase “NOT too far, too fast, too soon” kept flashing in my mind. I decided to back off, after all I have all the time in the world to return to full-time running. There’s no need to rush. I must say though that I felt so so soooooooo good to run again, even if it was short.

After my walk-run, hubby and I walked 20 minutes to our favorite cafe and walked back, and my legs felt fine. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my legs will still be fine tomorrow or the day after (you know, no delayed onset muscle soreness). But I don’t care about that. After hopping about in crutches and limping for a few weeks, a few minutes of running was just absolutely marvelous.


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