I started my lazy Sunday today with yoga. It’s my first yoga practice since my leg injury in March. I did not realize how much I missed it until this morning. When I finished the practice, I felt as if I was whole again.

While I was lying down in savasana, it dawned on me that I’ve viewed yoga largely as an activity that enhanced my running and skiing, and reduced my risk of injury. It was simply a means to stretch and tone my muscles. I was not into the spiritual or mental aspects of it.

Even so, I still benefitted from the many things that yoga has to offer. Over the years, constant practice has taught me to focus my mind, calm my senses, and reduce my stress. I have become stronger physically and mentally. I would like to think that it has also made me more accepting of others, and less judgmental of myself and other people. I think it has made me a less angry and a more positive individual. I know that it has carried me through crises and cleared my mind for important decisions, as much as running has.

But, I know little about it. It’s embarrassing to admit that after all these years, I don’t even know the names of many yoga poses, its history, its various disciplines and styles of practice, and its philosophies and traditions. I should learn more about this discipline that has enriched my physical, mental and to an extent spiritual well-being. It’s about time.



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