What I am not

Blue jacket

Blue jacket

When we talk about ourselves, we usually talk about who and what we are. Today, I’d like to talk about what I am not.

I am not a lazy, inactive potato couch. Sure, there are days when I prefer to lie on the sofa and watch TV all afternoon, but so do most people. So, why is that being taken against me because I have Type 2 diabetes? 

I am not a sugar fiend who developed Type 2 diabetes because I ate too much sugar. While we are on this subject, can someone tell me how much sugar is too much? What is the sugar intake threshold that people cross to become diabetic?

I am not obese or even overweight. I was once overweight, but I’ve lost the extra weight years before I was diagnosed.

I am not contagious.  I did not get diabetes by brushing against a diabetic. You can shake my hand, sit beside me at dinners, and hug me. Type 2 diabetes does not spread by contact, or sneezing, or texting each other on our iPhones.

I am not wasting my hard-earned money on “diabetic” bars, shakes or supplements. My diet is no different from a healthy diet. Or perhaps I should say that most people will do well on my diet. Processed food, even with the word “diabetic”, is still processed food.

I am not a failure just because I take medication, and I will not be a failure if I inject insulin later on. My goal is not to avoid medications or insulin. My goal is to keep my blood glucose close to normal while living an exciting, interesting and worthwhile life, and metformin helps me achieve that.

I am not destined for a legless, armless, sightless existence. My destiny is to live a full life, full of wonders and excitement.

I am no different from you. I did not and do not deserve Type 2 diabetes. No one does. 


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