Zuma’s revenge

Meet Zuma.

Soma GlobalOne GPS watch

Zuma (Soma GlobalOne GPS watch)

I’ve never given any of my running watches a name before but Zuma is special. I bought it yesterday, just last night to be precise, as a birthday present for myself.  Of course, I took it, as well as another birthday present I bought (bright pink running shoes), out for a run today.

Adizero CS 10

Adizero CS 10

It was a glorious morning. The sun was out but the air was chilly. When I went out, it was too early for cherry blossom viewing picnickers so I shared the cherry blossoms only with other athletes out for their Saturday sports activity. It was perfect, that is, until I crashed to the ground.

About halfway through my run, my right foot caught a small rock embedded on the rough ground that was my running path. I lost my balance and suddenly my face tried to make contact with the soil littered with loose pebbles. I instinctively put my hands out, palms down, to soften the impact of the fall. My chest hit the ground hard. I had abrasions on my hands, left elbow and right knee. If I weren’t wearing compression tights, the abrasions on my knee would have been a lot worse.

Hand abrasions

Hand abrasions (cleaned-up version)

Knee abrasions

Knee abrasions

I sat on the ground for a long time while waiting for my body to stop shaking. My hands were covered in dirt, which I tried to wash off from a nearby public faucet, and were stinging (as were my knee and elbow). Luckily, I broke no bones, severed no tendons and pulled no muscles. I got up and continued my run.

What caused my fall? Logic will tell you that it was because my foot caught a rock, or I lost my concentration and was not paying attention to where I was going, or I was shuffling instead of lifting my feet. It was likely all of those reasons. But, if you are prone to superstition, you can say it was Zuma’s revenge. Now, what grudge does my new watch have against me that warrants revenge?

Well, I was rude to Zuma. Last night, my husband and I jeered at a couple of paragraphs found in Zuma’s instruction manual. I even tweeted them this morning before my run.

The case and the band contact directly with the skin like an underwear. If they are left soiled, the rust that forms … may stain … or cause a rash or allergy ….  (Selected words were intentionally left out for an interesting reading.)

When you are wearing the watch, take care not to tumble, fall or bump into others. This may injure yourself or others. (I thought, “What does wearing the watch have to do with falling?”)

The second quote above is a warning written under the subsection “Precautions on Wearing Your Watch”. I just found the precaution hilarious and unnecessary. Well, it seems that Zuma does not share my view. Hence, on my first run with Zuma, I tumbled, fell and, as the instruction manual predicted, injured myself. The pain right after the fall, though, was nothing compared to the pain of washing my hands and disinfecting the wounds. One good thing – hubby excused me from washing the dishes after brunch.

A superstitious person would likely not wear the watch again. But, I’m not a superstitious person.


6 thoughts on “Zuma’s revenge

  1. runningwithoutsugar Post author

    The unexpectedness of the fall, plus the painful abrasions, definitely shook me up. I certainly did not anticipate landing on my front body (thankfully, not the face) while running on a flat surface. 🙂


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