Boston Marathon

After completing the Marathon du Médoc in 2010, I quit running marathons and decided to concentrate on shorter races and to eventually train for triathlons. I abandoned this decision  when terrorists left home-made bombs close to the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. 

My initial reaction to the news of the Boston Marathon bombing was one of absolute disbelief. I even thought it was a cruel joke from The Onion. I was wrong. The explosions and the ensuing carnage were real. Disbelief was immediately followed by anger at the terrorists. I wanted so badly to go out for a run as my personal quiet defiance against all forms of extremism, violence and terrorism. But I was nursing a broken leg and recovering from a leg surgery, and was in no position to run; I was so frustrated. Before the hunt for the terrorists was over, however, I resolved to complete at least one more marathon. I refuse to cower in fear of extremists and terrorists who in reality are spineless, cowardly and worthless degenerates. No murderer is going to keep me from living my life or discourage me from running. I know that a phenomenal number of runners share my sentiment.

To the runners, volunteers, police officers, firefighters and other emergency response personnel, and people who cheer the runners, not only at the Boston Marathon but all other races, whether popular or unknown, whether big or small, regardless of the distance, you have my admiration, respect and gratitude for not hiding under the covers and letting these cowards dictate your life.

Do not stop running.

Do not stop volunteering.

Do not stop cheering.

Do not stop caring.

Do not stop living.


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