Smile while you run

Smile though your feet are aching. Smile though your legs are cramping. Smile though you’ve just realized that you miscalculated and you actually have three kilometers (not one kilometer) more to go.


If the hot furnace up in the sky forces you to walk, walk with a smile, not a pout. Even if the threat of a heat stroke has shortened your run, straighten your increasingly stooping shoulders as you turn around for home. If overexertion is forcing you to gasp for air, take a deep breath (or several deep breaths) with a grin. If your feet are trying to do a marathon shuffle, put a tiny bit of spring in each step.

Do not go about with a grimace or a frown. Just smile. Smiling is easier to do and makes you feel so much better. Sure, your feet will continue to ache, the pain of a cramp will not disappear, and you may still be reduced to walking. But a grimace and a frown will tighten your facial muscles and your jaw. I’m sure you’ve noticed that your face and jaw are connected to your neck, and that your neck is connected to your shoulders. Your shoulders, I’m sure you know, are connected to your arms and your back which, through other parts of your body, connect to your legs and feet. Soon, that grimace will tighten your whole body, and that frown will turn your feet to clumsy anchors.

Smiling, on the other hand, makes the ache and cramp less agonizing, the forced walk more manageable and your situation less of a disappointment.

Plus no one wants to see a scowling runner. Instead of negatively affecting someone else’s day, be an inspiration simply by smiling.

Oh, and don’t you know that smiling makes you look more attractive and younger while frowning does the opposite? If you don’t believe me, try smiling and frowning in front of a mirror.

So, next time you run, smile.

Oh, and stop looking at your feet. Look up and watch life unfold before you. Life’s much more interesting than the tip of your shoes, and looking ahead improves your running posture.


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