Slowly but surely

turtle-152080_640A few weeks ago, I’ve had a pleasant surprise. As I was going through my journals, I discovered that I had lost between nine to ten kilograms (the number is still fluctuating) in the past six years. That’s about 1.67 kilograms a year. Of course, I was extremely ecstatic. 

Over this six-year period, when people asked me if I had lost weight, my standard response was “just a couple of kilos”. Although I recorded my weight from time to time on a  smartphone app and separately on a computer journal, I did not actually pay much attention to the total weight loss. Maybe because the weight loss happened slowly. Or maybe because I was happy with my weight, was not aiming for any more weight loss and was being vigilant only against weight gain. Essentially, I was content as long as my weight did not go up. Anyway, an  average weight loss of a little over three and a half pounds is not noticeable at the end of the year, is it? But they pile up.

So, if you are fretting that your weight loss is not going as fast as you like, take your time. If you have reached a plateau, carry on. Your body may just be setting its new normal. Review your diet and exercise programs and goals and tweak them if you must but do not give up. Rome was not built in one day, and its decline did not happen in one day. The turtle, however slowly it plodded, crossed the finished line. Persevere.

And don’t forget to eat well, sweat, love yourself, cultivate your mind, expand your horizon enjoy, and be kind.

When you have a great and difficult task, something perhaps almost impossible, if you only work a little at a time, every day a little, suddenly the work will finish itself. 
– Isak Dinesen




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