Still Here

As everyone knows, life does not always follow your plan. Life, well, has a life of its own sometimes. Things get out of control. We do not always get what we want. No matter how disciplined, careful, or aware we are, we can and do fall off the wagon, and not just once or twice but many times. That in short was what happened to me, as I’m sure you have already guessed.

Many things have happened in the past two years which have loosened my resolve to manage T2D. I became more lax about my diet. Although I was still generally careful about what I ate and drank, I admittedly ate one or two or three rice, udon and ramen bowls too many. I gave myself all the excuses I can think of. Of course I gained some weight and of course my blood sugar went up as evidenced by my rising A1c.

Thankfully, it was not a complete diet disaster because I managed to avoid most sugar and flour laden things. Mind you, I did have more than the occasional gateau chocolat. I’m just saying that I did not descend into total sugar and flour abandon. For that, I have to thank the late Dr. Shane, who diagnosed me with T2D, for pushing me to get rid of my sugar and flour cravings. I am also grateful that konjac noodles (which some of you may know as miracle or wonder noodles) and tofu noodles are plentiful in Tokyo so I managed to avoid pasta indulgences.

During this time, my blood glucose self-monitoring tests became sporadic and, later, non-existent. I also stopped my continuing diabetes education, something which previously gave me tremendous support in living with this condition. In March this year, when my previous endo moved to a new clinic, I decided to just stop seeing him even when my supply of metformin ran out; I simply stopped taking metformin.

Then, toward the end of spring, something changed. That something is called hot flushes. When they started plaguing me, I had the most miserable time. One embarrassing incident at the office jolted me into action, to do something about it. Despite my youthful disposition in life, I simply cannot ignore biological changes that come with the march of time. Neither can I ignore the hard truth that I am a Golden Girl with T2D and the medical risks that come with it.

So, in June, I signed up with a new endocrinologist.

First visit
These are the stats taken at the clinic on my first visit.

A1c – 7.1% (7.2% in July)
Weight – 70 kg

The new endo was not happy with these numbers, and I was happy that he was not happy. I was also pleased that he asked me about my experience in dealing with T2D, including the difficulties which I faced and that, instead of prescribing additional medications or increasing my metformin dose, he preferred that I bring down the numbers with diet and exercise.

My current stats and goals
From my consultation this week, my numbers are:

A1c – 6.3%
Weight – 68.5 kg

While my endo and I are both satisfied with the improvements, he is not happy with my cholesterol levels. He has gently suggested statin, and I have politely refused. My cholesterol will be the subject of a future essay. Suffice it to say for now that the good doctor and I have come to an agreement – I continue to reduce my A1c and weight, and then we’ll revisit the statin discussion. We have also agreed on the following two goals:

A1c – below 6%
Weight – 65 kg

Let’s see how things go.


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