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Britain’s Got Talent (2013)

After one week of diabetes blog marathon, I’m taking a break from diabetes. That means indulging in one of my favorite guilty pleasures – Britain’s Got Talent. I abhor reality shows, and am usually not enamored of talent shows. But I’m such a huge BGT fan. Blame Paul Potts. No other [Country]’s Got Talent can compete with BGT. Not that I’ve seen many other [Country’s] Got Talent competitions, but from what I’ve seen so far on youtube, the British one has the best talents and judges (especially David Walliams).

To those who are not aware (where have you been?), BGT showcases talents from Britain and the UK (that means Britain and Northern Ireland – if you are confused, as I was, click here). But it also accepts talents from the rest of the world. I’ve just seen the Hungarian shadow-dancing group called Attraction which just wowed me, and the head-spinning acrobatic dance act from Martin & Marielle (or is it Marielle & Martin?) from the Netherlands.  But the British talents just keep blowing me away.

Truth be told, I’m a big fan of British performers, from film, to stage, to TV, to music, to anything else artistic. It’s not just because I’m married to a Brit and have a number of Brit friends. I just find so many brilliant but under appreciated Brit shows, movies and talents. I have not seen any original British TV show or movie that has been successfully adapted to another country. The adaptation usually loses the grit, reality, discomfort, perspective and talents of the original, and is a very sad and often hallow though glossy parody of the original, and loses everything that made the original great.

Speaking of British talents, the world should be introduced to the brilliance of Benedict Cumberbatch. I’ve been following him since I saw him play Stephen Hawking. He’s in some great movies like War Horse, Atonement and Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy. His TV series Sherlock is a spectacular update on Sherlock Holmes. I especially mention him because, while  participating in the Diabetes Blog Week, I meet other B.C. fans (do you know some fans call themselves Cumberbitches, but I’m not using that term here :)). As you can imagine, I’m waiting impatiently for Star Trek Into Darkness to be shown in Tokyo, although I may have to wait a few  more weeks, if not months. Don’t ask me why a cosmopolitan city like Tokyo is usually late in showing non-Japanese movies, but you can watch a much-anticipated big budget film in Bangkok or Manila months before it gets shown in Tokyo.

I’ve digressed, haven’t I?

Going back to this year’s BGT, there’s an 11-year old girl of Philippine descent who made it through the auditions. Based on her accent, she must have been born in the UK, or moved to the UK at a very young age. She has the voice. My only complaint is that she sang Jennifer Hudson’s One Night Only – my complaint is not directed at the girl but her parents. Do her parents realize what their daughter was singing? But she has a great voice and is a great belter.  I hope she makes it all the way to the finals.

I am excited to see the remaining auditions, and then the semi-finals and finally (no pun intended) the finals. I need my dose of BGT. You see, based on my records, it seems that my blood glucose goes down every time I watch a clip from BGT.

I just wish I can vote.