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Running lost in New Zealand

Discovery. This is one of the pleasures I get from running. A number of the fantastic discoveries that have come my way I found because I got lost while out on a run. This was exactly what happened to me more than once while out on a few runs during my and my husband’s recent visit to Dunedin, Christchurch and Auckland, New Zealand, for my youngest (full) brother’s wedding.

Dunedin: first encounter with the hills

For my first run in Dunedin, I decided not to wander far from the campus grounds of Otago University. I thought the route I chose was mostly flat, until I found myself at the bottom of a steep street (the map did not indicate mounds of any sort). By this time, I had already taken several wrong turns (that is, based on my ill-conceived route) and decided to let my wandering feet lead the way. As a tourist, I should have known that my feet were ignorant of the local environs. Continue reading


Boston Marathon

After completing the Marathon du Médoc in 2010, I quit running marathons and decided to concentrate on shorter races and to eventually train for triathlons. I abandoned this decision  when terrorists left home-made bombs close to the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon.  Continue reading

Zuma’s revenge

Meet Zuma.

Soma GlobalOne GPS watch

Zuma (Soma GlobalOne GPS watch)

I’ve never given any of my running watches a name before but Zuma is special. I bought it yesterday, just last night to be precise, as a birthday present for myself.  Of course, I took it, as well as another birthday present I bought (bright pink running shoes), out for a run today. Continue reading

Malaise in March

The early days of March promised an exciting and action-packed month. On the first two days of March, I was on a ski trip to Zao, a resort I have never visited before, and stayed at an old lodge that was taken over by a fun, young and genuinely hospitable snow-loving couple. Then a couple of days later, I went to the Rolling Stones concert On Fire, and they sang my three favorite songs, which as far as I can tell on youtube they have not done before.

But the promise quickly turned to nought. On the Friday after the concert, I woke up to a massive headache, pervasive joint aches, slight fever, cough, loss of voice and painful tonsillitis. I was confined to bed that day and for the next three days. I had no appetite and no energy, and spent those days sipping Bovril beef tea, English tea and my husband’s lemon-ginger “tea” with a dash of whiskey. I lost close to four kilos – no, I do not recommend getting sick to lose weight. My BG was surprisingly low – no, I do not recommend getting sick to lower one’s BG (on the contrary, illness is bound to raise a diabetic’s blood glucose).

Continue reading